FYI Palm Beach Residents: Lee County Is Not Literally a Dump

Barbaro Montesdoeca (pictured) and his daughter were just taking the old dump truck out for a spin recently. After they'd gone some 100 miles north, Montesdoeca allegedly decided it was time to lighten his load a bit -- dumping about 2.6 tons of garbage right there. Seems he wasn't expecting to run into the ever-vigilant Milton McClurkan, who said of Montesdoeca:

"He falls into the, what do they call it? The stupid criminal category." McClurkan says when he saw a suspicious-looking dump truck; he took action and took pictures.He hopped in his car and chased the suspect about a mile down the road to Scott Avenue. He says he looked over and saw the suspect dumping all the trash." He sees me and he says, 'You're not going to call the police are you?' I said, 'Well, yeah,'" McClurkan said. McClurkan wrote down the tag number and dialed deputies as the suspect took off."The guy was kind enough to leave his name and phone number in some of the trash," he said.

Montesdoeca was scooped out of Palm Beach County, hauled back to Lehigh Acres and legally dumped in the county jail.

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