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Galt Mile Residents Upset They Have to Suffer Through Some Paint in the Road

There is a serious problem brewing in Fort Lauderdale. No, it's not the privately run charter schools in academic and legal shambles or the ever-growing list of Broward police officers accused of gross misconduct.

No. The problem, you see, is that the utility companies are marking underground lines, and... it's ugly.

A Sun-Sentinel article over the weekend highlighted the growing discontent over the spray-paint indicators of pipes, lines, and cables, and people living in "the toniest of areas -- along Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, Brickell Avenue in Miami," are upset:

It's not gang graffiti that's defacing public property, but utility company markings meant to alert construction crews or landscape planters to underground lines.

Residents say the markings are out of control in some neighborhoods

"It appears we live in a ghetto someplace with all of the markings all over the place," said Pio Ieraci, who lives in Fort Lauderdale's stylish Galt Ocean Mile neighborhood.
What was omitted by Ieraci, who is also president of the Galt Mile Community Association, was that he doesn't actually "'live in a ghetto someplace."

Ieraci is on the board of directors for the Galt Ocean Club Condo Association, which describes the area like this:
The Galt Ocean Club is a Luxury Residential Condominium located on the Ocean Front and in the middle of the Galt Ocean Mile. Stroll along pink sidewalks lined with Palm Trees to fine restaurants, retail establishments, banking and a large nationally known grocery store.

Put your feet in the sand at this Sixteen Story luxury Condominium comprised of efficiency, one, and two bedroom apartments. Residents are steps away from sandy Beaches with a spectacular view. Canvas cabanas and lounge chairs await your leisure.

Recreational facilities include a sparkling diamond bright tile Pool, Jacuzzi, and Paved Deck with Lush Tropical Landscaping.
There are also private tennis courts -- but as soon as some guy in a hardhat sprays some lines in the street, WE'VE GOT A GHETTO ON OUR HANDS, PEOPLE:
No one disputes the markings are needed, but critics say the paint frequently lingers long after the work is completed...

"Some of these markings have existed for more than a year, so temporary they are not," said Ieraci, president of the Galt Mile Community Association. "To say that it needs to be there for six months or seven months is totally unreasonable."
That's how it starts -- just ask the homeless people clubbing each other to death elsewhere in the city.

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