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Gang Activity May Be to Blame in Boynton Beach Double Homicide

​Whatever happened in the 1600 block of NE Second Court in Boynton Beach, it's all bad news.

Sisters Janice Rahming, 54, and Daphne Clemons, 41, were both shot and killed Saturday night by unnamed suspects who police believe are dangerous enough that a Boynton Beach Police spokeswoman sent out an email yesterday asking the media to not reveal a third victim's name.

From Stephanie Slater:
As you already know, there is a third victim in this shooting, a woman who was shot in the legs. The Boynton Beach Police Department is not releasing this woman's identity because we believe doing so would jeopardize her safety. We know that you have the resources to obtain her information, but we ask that you do not publish or air her name or anything else (a photograph of her home) that would put her or her family in further danger.
Slater said on the phone yesterday that the third victim, who was across the street during the shooting, wasn't related to the other two but was a witness to the crime. She is in "a local hospital."

Police Chief Matt Immler said at a news conference yesterday that the murder of the other two women was "as horrific and as violent as Boynton Beach has ever seen" but declined to disclose descriptions of the suspects, a getaway car, or even what weapons may have been used, except to say that they were "high-powered" and that "there were a lot of bullets, and the impacts were made all over the front of the house."

"We are pursuing numerous leads and numerous people," Immler said. "There's not a lot that we can release to you for obvious reasons... If I seem like I can't give you a lot of information, I really can't, because at this point, it may jeopardize the case."

He made it very clear that the attack "was not a random act" but a targeted maneuver "by people who were engaging in what possibly may be retribution, possibly may be something else, we're not really going to say right at this time. But it was not a random crime."

Immler said that "drugs may be a part of it" and that "we do believe that there is a connection between this and other offenses that have happened in Boynton Beach." When asked if he knew who they were looking for, he responded, "We have people that we suspect, yes."

If you have information, you can anonymously call Det. Chris Crawford at 561-742-6139, Sgt. Paul Sheridan at 561-742-6133, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-8477.

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