Gary Kompothecras, Crist Supporter, Tries to Bully Health Officials

Gary Kompothecras, a chiropractor based out of Sarasota, has been pressuring a Department of Health official to turn over sealed immunization records. "Dr. Gary," as he's called, wants those records turned over to father-son duo Dr. Mark and David Geier, crusaders for the "vaccinations cause autism" argument.

The idea is that the father-son team would use the records to conduct a study of vaccines and autism.
Here's an example of one of the emails Dr. Gary sent to Dr. Julia Gill, director of the Florida Department of Health's Division of Disease Control.

This madness has got to stop. No more double talk. This should be a fairly straightforward study. I feel that there are hidden agendas going on and I will not stand by [and] let it continue!! I will not wait any longer," reads an email dated August 6.

Our sister paper Miami New Times has the full story.

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