"That can't come here." -- Rick Scott
"That can't come here." -- Rick Scott

Gay Marriage: Ken Keechl Says He'll Tie the Knot in New York; Rick Scott -- Not So Much

New York's passage of gay marriage equality Friday night has had quite different reactions nationwide -- including a couple down here in the Sunshine State.

Former Broward Mayor Ken Keechl announced on Facebook that he's getting married to his partner of 13-plus years, Ted Adcock, in the Empire State.

Gov. Rick Scott, however, didn't seem too pleased today when reporters asked if Florida was going to hop on the marriage-equality bandwagon.

The governor was in St. Petersburg today to sign some education bills when a reporter popped the gay-marriage question on him.

If you notice in the YouTube video, around the 3:30 mark, the governor has a gigantic, goofy smile on his face -- until he realizes he's about to answer a question about gay marriage:

"Well, as you know, by the constitution, that can't come here," Scott says. "So it won't be... It's not really a discussion here."

Thanks to a 2008 voter-approved constitutional amendment, Scott is correct -- "that" can't come to Florida.

The amendment gives marriage a strict one-man/one-woman definition, so the governor doesn't have to worry about giving an opinion on "that."

In other words, that's about as close to gay-marriage news we're going to get around here any time soon.

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