Gen. John W. Scott Reporting for Duty

-- Outgoing Superintendent Jim Notter will receive nearly $250,000 when he retires from the Broward school district for unused sick and vacation days, according to the Sentinel

He'll also be making $103,000 a year in his pension. 

Hey, the guy made $299,000 a year -- nearly ten times the average worker's salary -- while working as superintendent. 

This kind of lucre for public service has got to stop, obviously. The next supe should make no more than $200,000. But a lot of the school boards do it, and they justify by pointing at each others' salaries and saying, "See, they're paying it." 

-- Speaking of well-paid public servants, the new inspector general -- the man who is supposed to bird-dog the errant public officials in Broward County -- is starting his new job on Monday. 

John W. Scott had been working as assistant legal counsel for the inspector general in Miami-Dade and spent the brunt of his career as a federal prosecutor (yes, of course, he's a lawyer). He'll be making $165,000 a year in the position, which was created by the voters after last year's passage of ethics reform.

Inside, see a list of highlights of his career, which he wrote that he has spent "fighting corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse." Oh boy -- he should have plenty to fight while doing his new job, then. Also inside is a Sentinel video of him taken today. 

You'll notice he closes the interview (with someone known by the Pulp) very abruptly. I think that's a good sign, so long as he's equally inhospitable when he's investigating dirty public officials.

Below is a list of achievements from his resume. 


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