George LeMieux Camp Says Maybe Connie Mack's Water Bill Is So Low Because He Drinks Tiger Blood

While it's not clear if a Republican can beat Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson in November, the fight for the Republican nomination has no shortage of interesting rhetorical maneuverings.

The most recent spat between George LeMieux and Rep. Connie Mack started over a web ad the LeMieux campaign released that suggested Mack doesn't really live in Florida

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Though Mack pointed out LeMieux didn't have any evidence of that and PolitiFact called the claim "mostly false," the accusation got a smidgen of footing Monday night when Orlando Sentinel reporters looked into Mack's Fort Myers water records -- and found that Mack wasn't really using very much.

While the report says Mack's bill "suggests occupancy of a few days most months, typical of a congressman who flies back on weekends," records show that of the 28 months since the beginning of 2010, Mack wasn't billed for any water usage in three of them and used between 1,000 and 2,000 gallons in 13. The EPA estimates the average family of four uses 280 gallons of water a day.

It's not damning evidence, but the LeMieux campaign was quick to send out a few possible explanations explanations for Mack's low bills:

Maybe he "only washes his hair with specialty water purchased in Palm Springs," for example, or perhaps he "prefers the bathroom facilities at Hooters." There are several other suggestions, but my favorite one is "Doesn't drink water, only tiger blood."

It's a reference to LeMieux's continued comparisons of Mack to actor Charlie Sheen, whose Two and a Half Men show provided the inspiration for a LeMieux ad attacking Mack for "drunken brawls," arrests, and financial problems. LeMieux's campaign also sent an April Fool's email promoting a fake endorsement of Mack from Sheen.

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