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George LeMieux Claims Credit for Skimmers Going to Gulf

Sen. George LeMieux will call off his hunger strike, or sit-in, or whatever he was planning to do next if Barack Obama didn't send more skimmers to the Gulf of Mexico. Nobody knows whether LeMieux's highly misleading rants about the need for skimmers had anything to do with the Obama administration's decision to send them, so I guess he's free to boast.

It's still hard to get used to the sight


of LeMieux sounding a sanctimonious tone about environmental responsibility. If the Deepwater Horizon rig hadn't blown up, and if gas prices hit $4/gallon this summer, you can bet that LeMieux would be in the very same place on the Senate floor, demanding that the Obama administration clear regulations that would allow for more deep-water drilling off the U.S. coast.

Or was this former chair of the Broward County Republican Party standing silent while the rest of the GOP chanted "Drill, baby! Drill!"?

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Thomas Francis