George LeMieux Wants to Party Like It's 2007

Maybe it's not so hard, running this "government." George LeMieux sure makes it look easy. No matter how complex the problem, LeMieux finds a solution so simple, a total idiot could understand it.

But these must be frustrating times for the Broward-born U.S. Senate appointee. First Congress failed to see the wisdom in LeMieux's effort to revise that crummy Constitution. Then it reacted lukewarmly to his idea to solve the health-care problem by just eliminating fraud. (Come to think of it, eliminating crime might solve the crime problem!)

So let's hope those imbeciles in Congress can appreciate the genius in LeMieux's latest idea, to cut out the pork and slash every federal agency by 10 percent, then have some 50-hour debate about how to invent a time machine that will take us to 2007 so we don't take out high-interest loans or invest in mortgage-backed securities. Also, if it's 2007, then a Bush will be back in the White House!

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