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George W. Bush's Book Fair Appearance Won't Be His First Florida Book Reading

When George W. Bush reads from his memoir at the Miami Book Fair Int'l on November 14, it will not be his Floridian literary debut. So profound is George W.'s love of literature that he actually took time during his presidency to take part in a reading in Florida. The book was My Pet Goat; the city, Sarasota; the date, September 11, 2001; the admission, free.

W.'s moving up in the world: Admission to his appearance at the book fair is not at all free. It's a whopping $40. (Admission to readings by the fair's other guests is $10.) For your money, you get a signed copy of the ex-prezz'z $35

memoir, Decision Points, which will hit stores just five days before his appearance at the fair.

What little attention the media have paid to the memoir's imminent release has been... snarky. The timbre is best reflected by the L.A. Times, which has a brief article celebrating the arrival of long-awaited proof that W. can read. Unnecessary party-poopery? Well, listen to W. explain the memoir in his own words and judge for yourself.

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Brandon K. Thorp

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