George Zimmerman Has a Painting on eBay That's Bidding For $100,000

All these times George Zimmerman has been arrested and then freed is hurting him financially, what with legal fees and all.

According to some reports, George is about $2.5 million in the hole.

So, Zimmerman has decided to sell an original work of art that he did on eBay. And, so far, the bids are up to $99,966.00.

That's right, America.

Your entire soul costs almost $100 grand.

The piece is a painting of a blue American flag with the last lines of the Pledge of Allegiance -- "One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all" -- written in ... what is that? ... credit card font?

Ever the artist, Zimmerman placed the word "God" above the other words.

Because, the words are under God, you see.

The bidding began at 99 cents and then quickly shot up to six figures as word spread throughout the Internet.

Zimmerman himself wrote a description of the piece, explaining that the painting represents an expression of what he went through. Because shooting an unarmed kid and then walking away Scott Free makes you think of blue flags and lines from the Pledge of Allegiance. That's the mark of true artistic vision!

That's what inspired Caravaggio, we're told.

But we'll let George explain it himself:

First hand painted artwork by me, George Zimmerman. Everyone has been asking what I have been doing with myself. I found a creative, way to express myself, my emotions and the symbols that represent my experiences. My art work allows me to reflect, providing a therapeutic outlet and allows me to remain indoors :-) I hope you enjoy owning this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it. Your friend, George Zimmerman

Zimmerman is also quick to answer any questions posed about the painting on the site. He also ends each answer with 'Z' and usually throws in a smiley emoticon in his responses. Adorable.

At first glance, this thing screams FAKE. But George's brother Robert, has already confirmed that this is very much the real deal and that the painting is very much by George.

So, now that you know it's real, you can dive in on the bidding. The bidding closes on December 21st.

Just in time for Christmas!

If you want to get your hands on this American treasure that is sure to go down as a classic work of art, you can go here and put down a bid.

Or you can go to your local ATM, withdraw $99,966.00, stuff the cash into a bucket and light the bucket on fire.

Either way.

(h/t @fitziest and @hancxck)

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