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George Zimmerman Has Guns Taken Away as Judge Sets Bail at $9,000

A judge ruled on Tuesday that George Zimmerman is not allowed to possess weapons or ammunition and will be monitored with a GPS. The judge also set Zimmerman's bail at $9,000.

Zimmerman was arrested Monday afternoon after a domestic dispute with his pregnant girlfriend. According to the girlfriend, Zimmerman pointed a shotgun to her face, and pushed her out of her home.

During the hearing, the girlfriend revealed that Zimmerman had choked her about a week ago.

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Seminole County Judge Fred Schott said he found probable cause for Zimmerman's arrest on charges of aggravated assault, domestic violence battery and criminal mischief.

During Monday's hearing before Schott , the prosecutor spoke of Zimmerman's most recent brush with domestic violence when, back in September, his ex-wife called 911 after George allegedly punched her father, bloodying his nose, and allegedly pulled a gun on them. Charges were eventually dropped. Zimmerman's girlfriend was apparently at the scene at the time.

Along with being ordered to stay away from his guns, and wearing a tracking device, the judge ordered that Zimmerman must stay 1,500 feet away from his girlfriend at all times. He is forbidden to have any contact with her and he cannot leave Florida.

Zimmerman's girlfriend did not appear at the hearing, nor did any of his family members.

One of the newer revelations to emerge at the hearing was Zimmerman's girlfriend accusing him of choking her.

According to the prosecution, Zimmerman had choked her about a week ago, but she chose not to report the incident to police at the time.

During the 911 call, the girlfriend yelled at Zimmerman after he allegedly pointed a gun at her. He then called 911 himself to try and explain his side of the story. He told the dispatcher that he had his guns, and was packing them and his stuff away when the woman went "crazy on" Zimmerman.

The two had apparently been arguing about how she preferred raising their unborn child alone. He agreed, and began to pack his things when the argument escalated.

Zimmerman went to his go-to move by shoving a gun in her face. Seminole County deputies hauled him away after the girlfriend called 911 and told them Zimmerman had shoved her.

So, a judge finally took away George Zimmerman's guns, and all it took was him pointing one at a white lady several months after he was acquitted for shooting dead an unarmed black teen.

Hooraaaay JUSTICE!

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