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George Zimmerman Paints Portrait of State Attorney Angela Corey

Buoyed by selling an awful piece of art for $100,099.99 on eBay back in December, George Zimmerman is back with a new awful painting.

This time around, Zimmerman has used the special prosecutor who charged him with second-degree murder after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

State Attorney Angela Corey is George Zimmerman's Mona Lisa, if Leonardo Da Vinci had nothing but contempt for Mona Lisa.

The painting shows Corey pinching her thumb and forefinger together, with a quote above her that reads, "I have this much respect for the American judicial system."

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George's brother Robert unveiled the masterpiece on Twitter, saying it will soon be available to the masses and for some lucky soul to buy and place over his fireplace next to his gun collection.

Zimmerman took up painting and then putting them up for sale last month. Zimmerman's multiple run-ins with the law reportedly have him hurting financially.

According to some reports, Zimmerman is about $2.5 million in the hole.

His first work, a painting of a blue American flag with the last lines of the Pledge of Allegiance -- "One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all" -- went up on eBay and quickly drew bids.

The bidding began at 99 cents and then quickly shot up to six figures as word spread throughout the internet.

Zimmerman himself took part in answering questions about the painting, which eventually sold for 100 grand.

Who knows how much this latest one will fetch? The market's already been set, so if you want to get your hands on this beaut, be ready to spend a shitload.

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