George Zimmerman Signs Autographs at Florida Gun Show

George Zimmerman squeezed out the rest of what remains in his 15 minutes of relevancy over the weekend when he showed up to a Florida gun show to pose for pictures and sign autographs.

Zimmerman and his dog were special guests at the New Orlando Gun Show at the Arms Room store on Saturday.

The gun show had originally been slated to be held at a bigger venue -- the Majestic banquet hall -- but was forced to move to the gun store after the venue canceled the show late last week.

Apparently people complained to the Majestic that they didn't like the idea of a guy who once killed an unarmed black kid and got away with it appearing at a gun show in their town, or some such thing.

Gun show organizer Mike Piwowarski said he plans on suing the Majestic for what he's calling about $300,000 in lost gun sales.

Having a guy who got away with killing a black teen armed only with a bag of Skittles could have inspired so many people to show up at this thing and buy themselves lots and lots of guns! But, alas, the show was forced to move to a store that sells guns. It's a conspiracy!

Still, Piwowarski knew exactly why the Majestic canceled the show.

"They told us they canceled for community pressure," he said. "They were getting phone calls and backlash and didn't want that kind of person there."

The main reason Piwowarski invited Zimmerman to his show -- apart from hoping it would kick up gun sales -- was because he was an avid supporter of George's during his time of need.

Piwowarski says he supported Zimmerman during his trial for shooting and killing Trayvon Martin. In return for his support, Zimmerman accepted the invitation to appear at the gun show.

"The Arms Room family has gone through a tremendous amount of work to secure the location," Zimmerman told Orlando's Fox 35. "Of course, I always stay cognizant of the fact that there are threats. The concept of being able to pay them back for what they did for me and seeing my supporters face to face was something I just couldn't pass up."

As for the gun show, about 200 people showed up on Saturday, which is below the number of people you would expect to show up to a gun show. Especially in Florida.

Of those 200, only 20 actually asked for his autograph.

So, to recap: The guy who is famous only because he shot and killed an unarmed black teen and got away with it managed to draw only 20 people to ask for his autograph. At a gun show. In Florida.

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