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George Zimmerman's Lawyer is a CNN Legal Analyst Now

Looks like George Zimmerman's lawyer has parlayed his success in getting his client set free for killing an un-armed teen into a sweet TV gig.

Mark O'Mara, the Orlando-based criminal defense attorney who helped win Zimmerman's acquittal for shooting Trayvon Martin, is officially the new legal analyst for CNN.

On Friday, O'Mara appeared on the network's morning program "New Day." The show's host Chris Cuomo, announced the news.

As it is with all cable news network shows, O'Mara will chime in on the day's current topic, particularly any high-profile legal issue the 24-hour news cycle is obsessed with at the moment.

O'Mara won the highest profile case of the year when he convinced a Florida jury to let Zimmerman walk for shooting Martin in July.

The judge in the case even told the jury they could consider a wrongful death verdict, if they wanted to.

And still, Zimmerman was able to walk free on all charges.

O'Mara is no stranger to TV. He's done previous work in 2011 as an analyst for the Orlando CBS affiliate during another case where the seemingly guilty party walked -- Casey Anthony.

His spokesperson says that O'Mara will be appearing on two CNN daytime news broadcasts. The spokesperson did not disclose how long CNN will have the attorney under contract.

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