Whoa boy.
Whoa boy.

Gerald Wiseberg, Old Guy From Boca, Accused of Running Baltimore Pill Mill

Pill mills might be a South Florida trademark, but a 78-year-old Boca Raton man is accused of taking the trade to points north.

Gerald Wiseberg posted bond Friday after being arrested on charges that he ran a narcotics operation outside of Baltimore, Maryland, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Wiseberg and a 51-year-old Brooklyn man who ran the Healthy Life Medical Group were indicted after an extensive investigation from the Drug Enforcement Agency that started last April and culminated in a May 15 raid.

The local CBS affiliate reports that the men "are high rollers with a lot of money and several properties" and that prosecutors asked they be held without bail.

The judge initially set bail at $50,000, but it's unclear in available records how much Wiseberg's bond was actually for. A third suspect, a woman, turned herself in yesterday.

Prosecutors say their clinic saw as many as 120 patients a day, and doctors in other offices in the complex reported that the parking lot was always full of shady characters and out-of-state plates. Lawyers told CBS the pair plans to plead not guilty.


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