Penoyer (after the jump)
Penoyer (after the jump)

Get a Jackhammer to City Hall

The pavers don't compare to the bronze plaque of Norman "Da Boss" Abramowitz's likeness. We now know that the former Tamarac mayor and Broward County commissioner was the guy who made many key introductions for the Chaits. Hey, at least they hadn't put up honors for also-charged Patte Atkins-Grad or under-investigation Tamarac Mayor Beth Talabisco yet. Here's the proposal: Broward governments should all pass laws forbidding any honors for politicians until ten years after their deaths. It'll save a lot of embarrassment. Call it the "Bob Parks Law."

Inside, we see raw unaired video from the TLC show Police Women of Broward County showing Broward Sheriff's Dep. Andrea Penoyer and another cop shaking down a drug dealer (key words: "It's in his nuts"). JAABlog is convinced that it's an illegal arrest and that the deputies lied in police reports. You be the judge.

Here's how JAABlog characterizes the arrest:

Do police officers have a right to break the law if they have a feeling someone possesses drugs?

The answer to the question is obviously NO, but that doesn't stop some officers from lying in police reports, or our beloved SAO from filing charges.

Case in point: a Black male is walking down a residential street, where he is spotted by BSO personnel.  One of the deputies believes he recognizes the man from prior dealings, so they rush him and eventually find marijuana, after pulling down his pants.  There was no warrant for the man's arrest, no BOLO, no nothing indicating the man had committed a crime. Miranda was never given either. The man was booked, and the SAO filed felony charges.

Don't believe us?  Well, see for yourself. The entire incident is captured in glorious, broadcast-quality footage, courtesy of the old Police Women of Broward County reality show. Watch it here, keeping in mind the following language from one of the deputies' narrative event reports:

" ... (We) were patrolling a well known and documented drug area in the city of Pompano ... At approximately 18:45 hours, we observed a known drug dealer, (name withheld), loitering on the corner of 600 NW 15th Street. Upon presence of law enforcement, (he) immediately took a black sock and frantically stuffed it into the crotch area of his pants ... "

You can certainly make that argument from watching the video, but I'm not sure that Penoyer didn't see the guy stuff the drugs. She immediately tells the other officer, "It's in his nuts." Then she asks the suspect, "How far in your nuts is it?"

The suspect at one point asks about probable cause.

"I watched you put it in your nuts, that's how," says Penoyer on the video.

How could Penoyer be so sure where his stash was if she didn't see him put it there? Whatever the truth the suspect was given time served for the crime, according to JAABlog.  

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