Getting Booked by the BSO Won't Bring Down These Smiling Suspects

Happy Mug-Shot Monday! We hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday, and evidently, so did these alleged culprits. We searched through 1,000 photos, courtesy of the Broward Sheriff's Office, to bring some joy to your morning internet browse. 

Hey, it's OK to dawdle on a Monday, so kick back, drink your coffee, and look at these smiling mug shots.

Name: Damian Suarez
Offense: Probation violation, touch or strike/battery/domestic violence

Name: Frankie Baxter
Offense: Resisting officer, trespass/occupied structure

Name: Otis Young
Offense: Capias - Felony (failure to appear)

Name: Antonio Vickery
Offense: Possession of Cannabis over 20 grams
Side note: It seems that not even a felony arrest can bring down a marijuana user.


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