Giant African Snails Are Being Killed in Droves, According to Florida Officials

Back in April, we told you about the insanely creepy giant invasive African snails that were invading Florida and were going to kill us all in our sleep.

(OK, maybe not the "kill us in our sleep" part, but definitely insanely creepy and invasive).

The snails eat all of the plants and, for some odd reason, really love eating stucco.

Well, now Florida officials are saying they're winning the battle over the slimy buggers, which is good news for those of us who feared our homes and office buildings were going to be eaten by giant snails.

State officials are reporting that they've been using dogs to sniff out and find the snails and are saying that they've killed 130,000 of the invasive creatures so far.

The snails, which were brought over from Africa, not only devour Florida plant life but pose a serious problem for us humans too.

One report from Barbados says that the snails have been known to blow out tires on the highway and turn into flying projectiles when lawnmowers accidentally mow them over and spit them out with their blades.

The giant African snails usually leave big globs of slime residue everywhere they crawl.

Also, they leave shit everywhere. A lot of shit.

Experts say the snails may have come to Florida in 2011 via a Santeria group who apparently use the snails in one of their ceremonies. The experts also fear the snails may carry meningitis.

So, all in all, these things are a menace.

The good news is, they're being eliminated in large numbers.

The bad news: The one thing they love more than eating plants and shitting is mating.

Females can produce close to 1,200 eggs a year.


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