Giuliani: Florida Is Nation's "Clean-Up Hitter"

The Sun-Sentinel's Josh Hafenbrack quotes Rudy Giuliani:

"In baseball, they have this idea of the cleanup hitter, the clutch hitter, the one who always has to come through at the right time. I think in modern American politics, Florida is the state we have to count on."

That's a sad quote on so many levels, I'm going to spare my analysis. Rudy follows in a long tradition of the doomed seeking salvation in the Sunshine State. And for that, I feel a bit of compassion for him. On the other hand, he's a guy that doesn't connect to Joe America in the least, is despised by his own children, and is tied at the proverbial hip to Bernie Kerik. He's so desperate now he's pushing giant tax cuts -- the last refuge of a desperate pol, especially at a time of war and huge deficits. He can't win this race and I don't think he'll win Florida -- the I-4 corridor will be his campaign's graveyard.

Speaking of doomed presidential candidates, Michael Dukakis is going to be on Barry Epstein's revamped radio show at 10 this morning (WBZT-1230 AM). I'll be on there, too, and I think it's the closest I've gotten to ol' Army Tank Duke (speaking of desperate campaign stunts).

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