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The Miami Herald website lets us know: "Israelis Keep Pressure on Palestinians." The Palm Beach Post's front page informs us: "Bridges Bombed to Cut Off Militants' Routes." The Sun-Sentinel: "Israeli Troops Move into Gaza." NY Times: "Israeli Forces Appear to Increase Pressure in Gaza." Washington Post: "Israeli Launches Gaza Operation." LA Times: "Israelis Turning Up Heat in Gaza."

Okay, how about "Israel destroys bond with civilized world, shows itself to be out-of-control monster."

Look, a militant Palestinian group apparently is holding one injured Israeli soldier prisoner. In reaction, the the Israel Defense Forces blew up three major bridges and the only power plant on the Gaza Strip, knocking out power for a majority of the 1.3 million residents there for God knows how long. The Israelis have also cut off the water suppply. And they've conducted an airstrike on a Hamas camp and are flooding the place with soldiers and tanks. Now, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is threatening "extreme action" if the soldier isn't freed.

Can anybody say disproportionate? Can anybody say barbaric? Can anybody say terroristic?

Not the American mainstream media, apparently. It calls it "pressure."

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