Glen Johnson Could Kick Your Ass

C. Stiles
Johnson training in Hollywood for a fight last November

By the time most professional boxers turn 40, the days of lacing up the gloves and dancing around the squared circle are long gone. But that's just not the case with Miami-based former IBF Light Heavyweight Champion Glen Johnson.

Johnson has been telling anyone and everyone that he deserves another chance at a title (and the big-money fights that come with such honors) since the his controversial split-decision loss to Chad Dawson a year ago.

He knew that if he beat Daniel Judah (brother of welterweight champion, Zab Judah), the sanctioning bodies of boxing would essentially have no choice but to give him a shot at a title. Judah, who's nine years younger and at least three inches taller, would have a chance to step out of his brother's shadow for a possible title fight of his own.

Recap and video after the jump.

Judah's dreams met Johnson's fists on Friday night at Hard Rock Live. Judah never had a shot. Johnson won in a ten-round, unanimous decision. The fight was on ESPN 2, and you can watch footage here. Note the hellacious shot Johnson scores to the face of Judah at the end of the first round. It was the fight's only knockdown.

Compare that hit to one put on Roy Jones Jr. in 2004, when Glen Johnson was Ring Magazine's fighter of the year.


You can also read about Johnson in a December cover story from the "print product."

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