Glen Johnson: Roy Jones Jr. Will Beat Bernard Hopkins

Glen Johnson has some thoughts about this weekend's big fight in Las Vegas, the long-awaited (some say it's coming years too late) rematch between boxing's former favorite son (and Florida native) Roy Jones Jr. and spry statesman Bernard Hopkins.

And when it comes to these two fighters, Johnson knows what he's talking about; he's been in the ring with both men.

In 1997, Johnson lost to Hopkins in an IBF middleweight title fight -- the first loss of Johnson's career. Then in 2004, Johnson knocked out Roy Jones Jr., the man most boxing experts called "the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world" at the time.

Yesterday, Johnson told the Juice he thought Hopkins has been looking better lately, but he thinks

Jones has the matchup advantage. "I'll be surprised if Jones doesn't win," Johnson says.

The fight is a rematch of their legendary 1993 fight, a battle Jones won by unanimous decision. A lot of experts think Hopkins is taking the opportunity to pound his former nemesis as some sort of long-sought revenge.

"Jones has lost a few steps," Johnson says of the 41-year-old former Golden Boy. "More than just one or two. But he still has the striking power. He has the strength that Bernard does not have."

Johnson says he definitely doesn't expect a knockout from either fighter. Hopkins, now 45, will not be able to land any "meaningful punches," Johnson says. He may be able to hit and move, but he won't be able to cause any damage. If he wins, Johnson says he expects it to be because of a high punch count.

On the other hand, Jones, who's lost two of his last four fights, "should be able to inflict a lot of damage," according to Johnson. "At this point, Jones has the speed advantage and the advantage in power."

It seems Vegas disagrees with our local champ. As of this morning, Hopkins is a heavy favorite.

Here's some classic footage of Johnson knocking out Jones.

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