Gloria C. MacKenzie, 84-Year-Old PowerBall Winner, May Have Picked Up Dinner Tabs For 180 People

Around 180 people were treated to a free dinner at BuddyFreddy's diner in Plant City on Sunday by a mysterious old lady who did not reveal her identity.

Some say it might be 84-year-old PowerBall winner Gloria C. MacKenzie.

Apparently she's become the Zephyrhills Bruce Wayne. Except in old lady form.

Multimillionare by day, secret-picker-upper-of-dinner-tabs later that day!

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According to the Tampa Bay Times, BuddyFreddy owner Stephanie Reaves says the mysterious elderly woman picked up the tab for all 180 customers inside the diner at around 4 p.m. Sunday.

Reaves couldn't confirm if it was MacKenzie, but says the woman matched her description perfectly. That and she apparently had a crapload of money.

The restaurant owner reportedly asked the woman if she was indeed MacKenzie, but she denied it before disappearing into the late day, possibly to purchase more dinners and early bird specials for total strangers.

The woman was at the diner with another woman and a young man. The trio ate their dinner and left the diner.

The woman then returned a moment later and picked up the $2,600 tab to cover the meals for the rest of the diners. She even left $50 each for each of the five servers.

When the customers were told their meal was paid for by an anonymous stranger, they got up and applauded.

"Who was that giant-sunglasses-wearing old lady?" Someone probably asked.

No word yet if a PICKUP OUR TAB SIGNAL will be put on a roof top by the Zephyrhills commissioner.

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