Gloria James Sued for Alleged Slapping Incident But Video Footage Shows Valet Might Have Provoked Her

Gloria James, LeBron James' mother, has been slapped with a lawsuit by the Miami Beach parking valet, who she allegedly slapped across the face last week, according to the gossip website TMZ.

James was arrested after the incident at about 5:00 a.m. last Thursday, and charged with simple battery and disorderly intoxication.

The valet, Sorel Rockefeller, reportedly claims that James had "no right" to smack him during their altercation.

But TMZ has also posted surveillance footage from the Fontainebleau Hotel that night, which shows that Rockefeller might have initiated physical contact. TMZ said that he "bumps her," before James slaps him, and then "takes several aggressive steps towards Gloria." Watch the video and see what you think.   

Rockefeller does appear to make some kind of advancing move toward James, but it's unclear if he actually pushes or bumps her. She then apparently slaps him and swings her purse at his head. She seems to have missed with the purse and loses her balance, falling to the ground. Rockefeller then takes another step toward James before a group of people gets between them and attempts to diffuse the situation.

Rockefeller's attorney, Angela L. Cohn, denied that Rockefeller was the aggressor and told TMZ that the video actually proves otherwise.

Too bad for the grainy footage and what seems to be one of the building's pillars in the way. But the video adds an interesting element to the story, especially now that the valet plans to follow through with a lawsuit.

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