Go Gators

This Sight Still Makes Me Cringe

Yeah, I never thought I'd write those words, but I'm feeling it right now for Monday's matchup against Ohio State.

Don't get me wrong, I totally understand the Gator haters that David Fleshler wrote about in the Sun-Sentinel this morning (which includes some great history about Florida Female College (FSU) and the "Florida Flop" of 1971). You don't want to give rival fans the satisfaction of a national championship -- or listen to them gloat for a year, either.

As a Kentucky fan, I've never been very fond of Florida. I went to a football game in Gainesville one time and never saw so many obnoxious SUVs and yuppie arrogant fans (or was it yuppie arrogant SUVs and obnoxious fans?) in my life. The Gator chop or whatever the hell it's called is one of the stupidest-looking cheers I've ever seen. I couldn't stand Steve Spurrier (though he's somehow easier to take now that he's at South Carolina). I have never rooted for them in a game in all my life.

But I'll be in their corner Monday night. I like Urban Meyer. I like the underdog status. My Southeastern Conference loyalty is kicking in. I like Tebow. I'd like to see a national championship come to the Sunshine State despite down years by Miami and FSU.

That UF basketball team is going down hard this year, though.

After the Jump: Pittsburgh: City Of Ugly Sweaters

Number one reason for Bill Cowher to come and coach the Miami Dolphins: He'll never have to wear that thing ever again.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.