God Help Me

Well, I caused a stir with my little D. James Kennedy satire. And, in the name of Jim Naugle, I want to apologize for it. I apologize because it was rushed and should have been much funnier. Overall, it's a clunker composition-wise and I hope you'll forgive me for that.

A lot of folks seem to think that it is me, not Kennedy, who will be roasting in hell. Perhaps they are right. I personally don't believe in heaven or hell, and used the latter only as a device in the satiric effort. But I don't begrudge those who do believe in them. I don't believe in a god, either, but haven't ruled out the idea of some sort of divine presence or spirit that pervades the world. At strange times, I seem to have felt it, though it might have been the result of some bad fish I ate or loose neurons firing off in my brain. Actually, I find myself sort of aligned with Einstein's approach. If there is a God, though, he's not going to be a vindictive bastard who'll torture you for not believing in him. I already know that guy. His name is Dick Cheney.

That said, I come from Christians and live with Christians, including my own family. That means I love Christians and I don't believe the majority of them spend their time figuring out to isolate their fellows for who they love or who they worship. They don't follow Kennedy, they follow their idea of Jesus, which can be a very beautiful thing.

To address a few specific complaints.

First to Catalyst: I promise you and everyone else that I felt no glee when

Kennedy died. Not a bit. I can't say the same about many of Kennedy's followers, who dream lustily of the violence and pain and despair those who disagree with them will get when Armageddon comes.

To Jack Thompson: Let's not bring up the Catholic Church (which built most of those cathedrals of which you speak). That Church engaged in genocide, hoarded wealth and power for centuries (ever heard of the dark ages?), and is now rampant with boy-fuckers. (Chill out Catholics, it's just a bit of hyperbole to make my point).

To Thom Scott: I am all for "morality" and restraint and moderation. I am against right-wing propaganda, which Kennedy's operation spit out at a record rate. I am against the notion that Christians are somehow the owners of America. I am against hatred towards any group of people, including gays (and Christians, for that matter). That's why I have always been against Kennedy.

To RC Lee: I don't read USA Today.

To augusta: I vigorously criticized Kennedy when he was living, too.

To Opal Vestal: We clearly have different interpretations of the life of Jesus. My reading is that he couldn't have been farther away from Kennedy. But that's just me and what am I but a lowly sinner?

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Bob Norman
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