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Good Work if You Can Get It: Hallandale City Manager's Pay Rate Revealed

Hallandale Beach Commissioner Keith London has been on the warpath ever since he learned that City Manager Mike Good grossed $422,000 in 2008. Last week, he asked city staff to describe at what rate Good was paid. Theoretically, since Good started his employment with the city as a construction worker some 25 years ago, he could have cashed in accrued vacation and sick time from that job at the rate he's being paid now, as city manager. And that appears to be the case. Here's what city staff told London:

Staff produced a payout for the City Manager for 704.00 hours of sick time at an average premium hourly rate of $107.29. This was calculated on an average premium hourly rate for September 30 of the five most recent years of employment.

And that is how Good scored $75,532.16 for sick time. As for vacation time?
Staff produced a payout for the City Manager for 316.20 hours of vacation time at a premium hourly rate of $110.35.

(Types into calculator...) Wait, that can't be right. It only comes to $34,892.67. The city's payroll records show that he received a payout of $100,522.75 for vacation time.

We'll see if we can get clarification. But while I've got the calculator out, let's do some more math. Good is paid with tax dollars, and there's 37,145 residents of Hallandale Beach... so he got paid $11.37 for every Hallandale-er. Not too shabby!

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Thomas Francis