Gov. Rick Scott Declares a Day of Prayer, Then Says He Didn't

Gov. Rick Perry Jr. Rick Scott sure has been providing a lot of "charades of the day" recently, including today -- after the governor signed a declaration for a day of prayer, he then proceeded to say that he didn't.

Out in Texas, Gov. Rick Perry decided to hold an event called "The Response" -- which we will refer to as "Jesusfest '11" -- inviting the other 49 governors across the country to join them at a football stadium with more than 70,000 other people to pray for the day.

Then the anti-gay Family Research Council blogged that Gov. Scott would make his own day of prayer in Florida.

Our compadres to the south, Miami New Times, called Gov. Scott's office just to make sure that the governor had signed off on Florida's own Jesusfest:

Update 2:54 p.m.: Rick Scott spokesman Lane Wright said there's no day of prayer and no Florida event planned, and that Scott has not committed either way to the Texas event.

Update 7:22 p.m.: Welp, Wright was wrong. He called back and said the governor actually issued a proclamation last month declaring a day of prayer for the state. More details to come.
Then Wright emailed us, and decided to tell us another set of facts.

Now he says the governor didn't declare a day of prayer at all.

"He is simply extending 'greetings and best wishes to all observing August 6 as a day of prayer for our nation,'" he writes.

The proclamation the governor signed is titled "Day Of Prayer For Our Nation" and includes the request: "On August 6, 2011, I encourage all citizens to pray so we may receive God-given direction, strength and wisdom, and ask that God bestow his blessing on our lives, our state, and our nation."

Here's what we know for sure: On August 6, there may or may not be prayer, it may or may not be held in Florida and/or Texas, and you may or may not have the governor's blessing to do so.

We've got a new campaign slogan for Gov. Scott he can use: "Gov. Rick Scott -- always looking at all three sides of his story."

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