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Government Shutdown Will Backfire on Republicans

​If the government shuts down at midnight tonight, it won't be the first time. 

The same thing happened at the end of 1995, when a U.S. House led by Newt Gingrich pulled the stunt on Bill Clinton. 

We all know how that ended. The public blamed the Republicans for the shutdown, and Clinton cruised to his second term. 

Will it happen again? Of course it will. It's exactly the same. In 1995, there was a Republican Congress full of newbies who dreamed of destroying the government. Same today with the Tea Party candidates. Is this really about spending? Of course not. 

If it were about spending, they'd easily slice out billions in unnecessary defense funding. This is about social issues and the GOP's desire to give the corrosive Tea Party a piece of raw meat. You hear about the "riders" that are holding this thing up? The Tea-drinking Republicans want to defund Planned Parenthood, gut environmental protection, and take more health care from people. 

It's their way. 

But mark this down: They are sowing -- and have been sowing -- the seeds for a big loss come next year.

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