Government-Supplied Marijuana Cigarettes from Miami Are Lost in the Mail

Elvy Mussika is a former South Florida resident who uses medical marijuana -- grown and supplied directly by the federal government. As detailed in our October "Legalize It" issue, the government started a program in 1982 that supplied pre-rolled joints to patients with chronic conditions. George H.W. Bush cut all new prescriptions when he was in office, but a few legal tokers remain. We profiled Irvin Rosenfeld, a Fort Lauderdale stock trader who tokes up legally, in the open, every day.

Now Mussika -- "one of the four remaining United States citizens who still receives medical marijuana from the United States government" -- has lost her pot. 

JAABlog has the scoop

on this one: In

a letter to the director of the Drug Enforcement Administration

and the postmaster general, Mussika's lawyer, Norm Kent of Fort Lauderdale, explains the mix-up.

Mussika recently moved to Eugene, Oregon (a logical development, all things considered), and was unable to pick up her six tins of 300 marijuana cigarettes before flying out West. So she appointed Kent to make the pickup himself, and mail the 1,800-joint, six-month supply to her new home.

But apparently, Kent wrote the ZIP code wrong. Instead of "97405," he wrote "90405," which may have landed the packages in Santa Monica, California. Hence his letter to the DEA and the postmaster:

I am going public with this in the hope that the DEA recognizes it is not in the public interest to have marijuana missing in the US mails, and because we will be needing to make a record of this loss in order to procure a new prescription. This marijuana is grown by the federal government for its patients under the protocol at the University of Mississippi. This is my formal notice of its disappearance.

Either some drug-sniffing dogs are to blame, or the Santa Monica post office is suddenly full of non-disgruntled workers. No word on whether Kent inspected the packages before writing the address label.

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