Jeb Hiding From Protesters

Governor In The Closet

I haven't written yet about Jeb Bush's nightmare trip to the Steel City, but since I obtained this great piece of visual evidence (via Doomed Generation), I could ignore it no longer. The picture at right shows our esteemed governor fleeing into a dank supply closet at a subway station Friday after some possibly brawny, salt-of-the-earth steelworker union types got in his face. Though the protesters were peaceful -- if a bit boisterous -- and Bush was being protected by FDLE agents, Pittsburgh's finest decided to STUN GUN a couple of protesters who wouldn't leave the area. Why this hasn't gotten more attention in Florida, I don't know, but it's good'un.

ADDENDUM: Here's a superior Riptide post on Jeb's encounter (which I recalled upon the gentle prodding of my southern-more colleagues below).


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