Grand Jury for Joe Eggelletion? Not at This Time.

South Florida Times' Elgin Jones has reported that Broward County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion faces a possible corruption indictment and is the subject of a federal grand jury investigation

Jones, a tenacious and good reporter, is definitely barking up the right tree, just the wrong branch or at the wrong time. Eggelletion does face possible indictment, according to my sources. There is, however, no federal grand jury convened at this time.

The State Attorney's Office has investigated Eggelletion's ties to the development firm Prestige Homes (first and foremost a bunch of cash that Prestige delivered to Parkland Golf & Country Club for Eggelletion's membership) and according to sources handed it off to the feds. Jones reported that Prestige owner Bruce Chait has hired everywhere man David Bogenschutz to represent him and confirmed my report yesterday that Eggelletion had lawyered up with Johnny McCray.

It's a big world, and there might be more going on here than meets the eye. Patience, grasshoppers, patience. 

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