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Grand Old Party: After 160-Year Hiatus, Whigs Return to U.S. Politics

Remember the name Craig Porter. He is the answer to a future trivia question about the first candidate to qualify for federal office as a candidate for the Whig Party since 1850. Porter is running in Florida's 25th Congressional District in western Miami-Dade, the current domain of Mario Diaz-Balart.

Judging by the news release, the Whig Party has a profound appreciation for this moment in history.

Upon being notified of Craig's qualification, Chairman Truesdell of the Florida Whig Party responded with one word: "Fantastic!"

Truesdell added, "Since the first day we spoke on the telephone about his ambition, goals, and vision for America, Congress, and his community, I knew we had a man who was humble yet determined, relaxed yet forceful, and savvy in business yet open to learning the practical side of political campaigns with maturity. I've liked Craig Porter since day one and am thrilled that he bears the banner of being the first Whig to qualify as a candidate for federal office since the 1800s."
Love the enthusiasm!

It's only a matter of time before the Whigs storm into Broward and Palm Beach counties. Who knows? Maybe they can clean up the place -- the Democrats and Republicans around here could use some competition.

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