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Great Expectorations: Patriot's Visit to Town Hall in Stuart Marred by Magic Loogie

That's video from outside yesterday's Tom Rooney town hall in Stuart. In the ongoing battle over what side of the health care debate is more civilized, this is the Zapruder film. A reform proponent, apparently, is dressed in camouflage and allegedly spits at one of the tea party types he was arguing with.

Now, it's hard to see the actual spitting, but the victim helps us out by declaring loudly before the crowd, "I just got spit on by an Obama supporter." He sounds damned proud of it.

Human saliva can be a conduit for disease, so let's hope the victim's HMO doesn't drop him after it learns his identity.

We found the video on this website, for the South Florida Tea Party, which these days keeps a busy schedule. On the docket for tomorrow? Mobbing the health-care forum for union members being held by Congressman Robert Wexler. Emailed invitations contain reminders for fellow tea partiers to bring their AARP cards to burn.

That's right -- 40 years after the Baby Boomers burned their bras and their draft cards, it's come to this.

Until today, this was the most famous video footage of spit victims:

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Thomas Francis