Charlie Manuel: Phillies manager; heartbreaker
Charlie Manuel: Phillies manager; heartbreaker
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Great Grand Nephew Looks to Win a World Series, Make a Match for 95-Year-Old Relative

Meet Daniel Bachove. As that Philadelphia Daily News story attests, the 31-year-old Fort Lauderdale resident and Philadelphia native won a lottery for tickets to watch the Phillies play the Yankees in the World Series. And he's bringing his great-great aunt, 95-year-old Harriette Gubel.

What have you done for your great-great aunt lately?

But that act of generosity may not be quite enough to satisfy Gubel. The young lady, who was born when William H. Taft was president, may have a romantic designs on the Phillies' manager.

Gubel also appears in this Daily News article. The incriminating excerpt:

With his Southern accent and cool nature, Manuel is the distinguished lady's choice. Harriette Gubel, 95, a Phillies fan now living in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., loves watching him blow bubbles with his gum. Not only does she keep a photo of Manuel by her bedside and one in her purse, she got to meet the manager in August. "He has a way with him," she said.

Manuel is 65 -- Gubel's junior by three decades. But who knows? Maybe he's into cougars.

Gubel, it seems, is quite the media darling. Here's an article from earlier this month that includes a photo of her with her main squeeze, plus a description of their encounter. (It's safe for work.)


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