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Greer Case More Proof That Crist Was a Magnet for Bad Guys

Joel Steinger and Scott Rothstein wanted Crist's help in their Ponzi schemes; Crist obliged. George LeMieux wanted to get political power and vast wealth through his law firm Gunster Yoakley; Crist was happy to help. Jim Greer and Harry Sargeant wanted Crist's help to gain more power -- and again more wealth -- through the Republican Party; they got it with the governor's help.

What did Crist get out of it? Mostly, he was spared the pressure that comes from having to make tough political decisions. His inner circle was happy to make those decisions for him, to stay behind the scenes while Crist enjoyed the limelight.

And for all that, this same Charlie Crist is now closing in on a promotion to U.S. Ssenator. If Crist was duped by our local wise guys, imagine the sharks he'll encounter in Washington, D.C.

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Thomas Francis