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Gregory Frazier and the 2000 Florida Recount: Our Most Popular Stories This Week

The dominant story this week without a doubt was the shooting of Gregory Frazier by cops in Pompano Beach. Broward Sheriff's Office deputies were responding to call about a domestic disturbance, but by the time BSO arrived, the argument was over. Still, at the end of Frazier's confrontation with the deputies, he had been shot six times in the back, according to neighbors who witnessed the altercation. What exactly happened is still being disputed. Frazier's family and BSO differ on key details.

In other news, New Times took a look back the 2000 Florida election recount, wondering if the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton might come down to Florida electoral votes again. And Broward beekeepers are worried that the aggressive mosquito spraying for Zika might spell doom for the local bee population.

Here are the five more popular stories you might have missed this week.
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4. After 300 Bees Die, Broward Beekeepers Concerned About Zika Spraying
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