Guess The City?

Friday, the Miami Herald published a glowing editorial about a city in Broward County. The reason? Despite a general downward plunge in Florida's population growth, this lucky municipality grew by a whopping 67% in the last decade!

Here are some quotes. Take a gander, and see if you can figure out which city's being discussed. The answer after the jump.

"'The City of Beauty and Progress' offered newly constructed ... homes that were reasonably priced and adjacent to freshly-built parks and schools."

"It was the good life."

"Attracting 'clean, quiet industry' was the city's guiding motto, and _______ now boasts of having more Fortune 500 companies than any other Florida town."

"Perhaps foretelling the city's current can-do spirit, the city of _______'s very name is something of a fanciful little dream."

"Town Center boasts ... a majestic-looking new City Hall, a performing arts center, and an educational hub that houses a local library branch and satellite learning centers for both Broward College and Nova Southeastern University."

"Others worried _______ might be getting a little too popular for its own good."

Have you got it? No? Well, guess what? It ain't Wilton Manors. It ain't Coral Springs. It's not Pompano Beach. Why not?

'Cuz it's Miramar!

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