Guilty Consciences Pile Up on I-95

If you've driven south recently on I-95 in North Broward, then chances are that God has shown you a sign. Not the subtle kind, either -- see left. There's another one near I-95 and I-595. What's God got up his sleeve?

Well, judging by this website, the mission started in the mid-Eighties when Bob Steinkamp stepped out on his wife Charlyne. "Prodigal husband" is the term he favors, because Bob ultimately realized the wickedness of that bachelor's life and returned to Charlyne's loving, Christian embrace. He was saved. The two remarried. And now the couple from Pompano Beach will minister to the rest of you estranged spouses. They've created a veritable empire of "standers" -- that is, people who won't stand idly by while their marriage withers and dies.

It's hard to debate a billboard, especially a fundie Christian one, but what about marriages that are meant to die? Two incompatible people who make a mistake with one another and who will be happier apart? Whose children may even be happier if the parents are apart? Don't they deserve a billboard? Let's take a stab it.

Honey, go to hell. You'll see the kids when you can show me a court order.

An investment in future business that can help Broward County divorce lawyers survive these economic times.

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