Gumbel Hopefully Won't Sue Again Over This Hair Endorsement Deal

Today's edition of the Morning Juice is brought to you by our new sponsor, Greg Gumbel's perfectly coiffed mini-afro. To be clear, Greg Gumbel himself is not the sponsor, and in no way would we imply that, because Greg Gumbel has a propensity to sue people who claim he's falsely sponsoring their products. But his afro, I'm guessing here, probably won't sue me.

Anywho, Gumbel is neck deep in this federal lawsuit against Paul Douglas Scott, who Gumbel claims tricked him into endorsing products. Gumbel, a Broward County resident, claims Scott, owner of Encore Television Group, told him that he was filming "introductions for educational and

news-oriented programming." Instead it ended up being infomercials for "time-shares, water treatment, fiber products, windshield repair and magnet therapy."

So knowing how easy it is to trick someone into sponsorship, that's why I'm pretty safe to say that Greg Gumbel's perfectly coiffed, mini-afro will never suspect a thing. And to think that this blog post is brought to you by the hair that has brought you the Super Bowl and the Olympics. Just to be clear, I bet that hair had nothing to do with those time share infomercials.

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