​Whether you're a weapons buff who stockpiles M16s or a weekend warrior who catches deer dinners with topnotch buckshot, the gun and knife expo at War Memorial Auditorium this past Saturday and Sunday could definitely take care of all your shooting and stabbing needs. 

Gun and Knife Expo Fashion

Suncoast's expo, which runs from morning to night, is a veritable smorgasbord of things that tear skin and go boom: pistols, rifles, blades, ammo -- as well as the occasional Third Reich relic. 

Of course, no gun and knife show is complete without a nod to the fashion world -- and Suncoast is no exception. In addition to purses with hidden gun pockets (for that special lady in your life), a couple of vendors offered arms-themed T-shirts, which are appropriate for work and play. 

This Pulp reporter didn't have a chance to snap any pictures, as a vendor asked whether this reporter was stealing his ideas (on account of her notebook.) 

The Pulp did manage to jot down a few of the slogans and sayings on sale -- and circulating the crowd -- this fine Saturday.

In no particular order:

5. Rock out with your Glock out

4. Group Therapy (on a pink T-shirt with an expertly shot, or expertly "grouped," bull's-eye target)
3. I like you, so I'll kill you last (with an angry-looking clown, kill written in red)

2. This goes for your damn camel, too 

1. When life hands you toothbrushes, make shanks

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