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Guy Gets Super High, Calls 911 Twice to Report His Dreams

Mark Welch, from Volusia County, was reportedly tripping balls so hard from smoking synthetic weed on Sunday that he started to believe that whatever happened in his dreams was happening in real life. 

The 18-year-old told his family about it, but they didn't believe him. 

Parents just don't understand, bro. 

Because they totally needed to hear about this, man.

"Something happened in my dream and it's actually happening," Welch told the dispatcher. "Everything that happened today is actually in my dream and I want to prove it to everybody."

You ever see Inception? That shit is totally happening to me!

"What did you dream about that's happening?" the dispatcher asked.

You have to love this dispatcher. Most 911 operators are real dickish and angry and berate a caller like this before hanging up. But this person wanted to get to the bottom of the dreams. It's almost like they were egging Welch on, like your old college roommate used to do to you when you tripped out on 'shrooms.


"It's all on paper," Welch said. "I wrote it down."

No doubt he probably thought he wrote down some David Foster Wallace-like earth-shattering stuff. But it was probably just a drawing of food.

According to police, a Volusia County deputy responded to the call and found Welch at his home confused, apparently from all the K2 he smoked. 

The cop warned him to not call 911 unless there was a real emergency to report.

Police also say that Welch's parents hid his phone to keep him from calling again. 

But, 40 minutes after that, Welch went to his neighbor's house and called 911. Because the world must hear his tales of dreams of Jesus riding a raptor. 

"The officer told me not to call back," he told the second dispatcher. "And he said if I call back then y'all are going to take me to court. So I'm calling back. I have to prove something." 
"'Cause you want to go to jail?" the dispatcher asked. 

"I have to prove something to my family," Welch said. 

The same officer who responded to the original call came back to Welch's house and arrested him on a count of misusing the 911 system, but it was probably more because Welch had crossed from confused pothead to a real pain in the ass. 

Welch was booked into the Volusia County Jail on $500 bond. No word on whether he dreamed about that.

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