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"Habitual Drunkard" Who Owns Rehab Centers Sues Boca Club After Boozy Episode

A Palm Beach County couple recently took their grievances with the Boca Raton Resort and Club to the courthouse, filing a bizarre lawsuit and using a you-shoulda-known-that-I-drink-and-not-served-me argument.

Christopher and Karen Walsh were members at the exclusive club, a 1 percenters' playpen nestled on 356 beachside acres. They were members, at least, until Christopher Walsh had a particularly drunken evening on October 16, 2013.

According to court documents, Walsh consumed "excessive amounts of alcohol" in a short period of time, becoming "visibly intoxicated" with "impaired judgment and loss of self-control." You can probably see where this is going: Walsh became "aggressive" and "verbally abusive," using "profane language toward the staff and guests."

Due to the episode, the club booted both Walshes from its membership ranks. But the club should have known what it was getting, the couple now claim.

The lawsuit lays out the following argument: On "several occasions" before the incident, Walsh had consumed "excessive amounts of alcoholic spirits" there and then engaged "in behaviors readily perceived to be those of an intoxicated individual." In fact, he was a "habitual drunkard," in the words of the suit. Therefore the club, the suit argues, not Walsh, should be liable for his behavior that night -- it served him alcohol.

This is all the more interesting because Christopher and Karen Walsh own a series of drug and alcohol treatment centers in Fort Lauderdale -- the Inspirations for Youth and Families and Cove Center for Recovery. The Walshes' work has even been featured on the Dr. Phil television show. They're suing to reclaim their membership fees as well at items left at the club, including golf clubs, "bathing suits, cover-up, 2 pair sandals, beach hat," and other items.

The drunken episode at the club came during a tough time for the couple. In September 2013, Karen Walsh was arrested on child abuse charges after allegedly leaving an 11-year-old girl home alone. The child was reportedly Christopher's biological daughter, and no charges were filed against Karen.

In April 2014, Boca Raton Police were called to the couple's home on a domestic battery report. Karen told police her husband had just returned from a rehab stint in Arizona, according to a police report posted by CourthouseNews.com. Christopher allegedly went straight to a casino, where he drank and gambled. When he got home, he shoved his wife.

The officer noted in her report that Walsh told her he was going to "fuck me in the ass." "Walsh would not get out of bed," the officer wrote, and "flatulated" at the cops. No charges were filed.

Walsh didn't return a call to his office for comment.

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