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Hacker Claims to Have Revealed Part of Florida Voter Database

A hacker going by the name Abhaxas claims to have hacked part of the Florida voter database and publicly posted his findings.

Using his Twitter account, Abhaxas posted this text file of Florida voting information, saying, "Who believes voting isn't being tampered with?"

From the names of the files the hacker allegedly uncovered, it looks like he or she gained access to voter demographic analysis by district, race data, and candidate information that was supposed to be stored on a secure server.

Also included in the release are usernames and passwords of people with access to the server as well as a log of their access to the information.

Here's what Abhaxas says in the released text file:

So, this is a little ironic. Here is inside details of florida voting systems. Now.. who still believes voting isn't rigged? If the United States Government can't even keep their ballot systems secure, why trust them at all? FAIL!

On Twitter, Abhaxas says it's not just Florida's voting database that can be accessed so easily, that any random state's database would reveal the same results.

Abhaxas also posted that 10,000 unencrypted credit cards were stored on the same server as the voting data, although that information was not released.

From what was posted in the text file, it's impossible to tell exactly what the content is that Abhaxas claims to have uncovered, although some in the tech world think it could have some serious implications.

"It is reaching the point where hackers can break into a US server and steal next year's election results," writes Nick Farrell of

According to Drew Wilson of, the release of Florida's voting data is part of "OpOrlando," in which the hacker group Anonymous declared cyber war on the City of Orlando last week.

Aside from forcing down several Orlando city websites, Anonymous allegedly hacked into the database of the Orange County Democrats and published the personal details of its members.

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