Haiti Suffering From Food Shortage; Charity Has $42 Million of Food Aid but Needs Money to Ship It

We saw how Hurricane Sandy caused carousels to flood and wiped out much of the Jersey Shore last year, but in Haiti, the damage was much, much worse. 

Not only did 54 Haitians die and 21,000 people lose their homes in the storm, but the impoverished country, still reeling from devastation of the 2010 earthquake, saw many of its crops wiped out. Seventy percent of the country's yam, corn, and banana plants are gone. 

Now, Coconut Creek-based Food for the Poor is reporting that the hunger crisis is putting 1.5 million people at risk for starvation. 

According to the charity's website, it has $42 million worth of food -- but needs the means to deliver it. 

The organization is seeking funds to transport its aid. It is seeking donations online here. 

Food for the Poor has been described as the largest international relief agency in the U.S. It serves poor people in 17 countries. 

Representatives from the organization could not be reached late Wednesday. We will update if/when we hear from them. 

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