Hallandale Beach Mayor Defends City in Sloppy, Error-Filled Email

Ever heard of Strongsville, Ohio? 

Neither had I, but it's apparently a suburb of Cleveland and a place where Hallandale condo president and activist Csaba Kulin used to live. 

​Kulin is amazed at the bloated cost of Hallandale Beach's budget compared to that of Strongville and recently wrote a letter about it to the City Commission. 

His findings are stunning. Even though Strongsville has almost a fifth more population and is six times the land size of Hallandale, the Ohio city spends 20 percent less each year on government (about $80 million versus Hallandale's $100 million). 

Hallandale spends more than twice as much money for rescue services and police than Strongsville, Kulin found. It also spends nearly twice as much for its city hall and twice as much per resident as Strongsville. 

​It's more evidence that Hallandale is a bloated and poorly managed city. (You can read it here, second item down). Mayor Joy Cooper, perhaps sensing that it presented some possible political danger for her, attacked Kulin's findings in an email. 

Whatever validity Cooper's argument may have had, however, is destroyed by the at times almost incoherent nature of her email. Remember how Broward County School Board member Ann Murray is semiliterate at best? Well, Cooper isn't as bad as Murray, but she certainly does her city no favors. Mayors are supposed to uphold some standards -- and it seems Cooper has as much problems with spelling and grammar as she does with her city's budget. 

Inside, read the email, which originally appeared on the blog ChangeHallandale.com. 
From: "Cooper, Joy"
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2011 15:41:13 -0400
Subject: Re: Hallandale Beach Finances vs Strongsville, Ohio

Firstly does your city have a CRA ?

Secondly budget is 94M
Not 105

Thirdly you are presuming cost of living is the same in Ohio and quality of life same.

Fourth I do not know what government unfunded mandates there are up there but there are plenty more stringent water rules pension unfunded mandates stricter building codes etc you cannot compare apples and oranges sorry 

Has the infrasturtcute been paid for soley by the residnest of the town?

Sixth what is their debt 

The list coulod go on and o

I bet the mayor of Strongsville would never write a constituent an email like that. 

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