Hallandale Beach Mayor Not Exactly Forming Coherent Responses to Constituents

A couple of months ago, we pointed out the unique email techniques of Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper -- who responded to a resident's questions about the city's spending habits with phrases such as "Has the infrasturtcute been paid for soley by the residnest of the town?" and "The list coulod go on and o."

Now we've acquired some email conversations between Cooper and some Hallandale Beach residents who've been trying to convince her to pass an ordinance to ban pet stores that get their dogs from puppy mills, and it looks a bit tough for the residents to advance their conversations with the mayor based on her "writing style."

Remember, these emails are coming from an elected official -- you know, as mayor and all -- and with a few gems like confusing Lake Worth for Fort Worth, as well as inventing words like "exsistinh," it's hard to believe the city actually gets anything done.

Here are a couple emails about having some "orinaces" based on either Fort Worth or Lake Worth "palced" on the agenda:

From: "Cooper, Joy"
Subject: Re: Pet Store Ordinance

Commissioner request to have staff research and amend current ordinance and adopt changes to reflect Fort Worth with everything accept an out right ban on pet stores

It will be placed on the agenda

As I have told others I agree with all accept ban

In my opinion this is a comprise to work together to ensure Hallandale has a good ordinance that is fair to all parties


From: "Cooper, Joy"
Subject: Re: Pet Store Ordinance

Hi I have asked staff to review the Lake Worth ordinance that was presented to me and incorporate parts of it into our exsistinh ordiance. Staff and I will continue to research other orinaces as well to continue to strengthen ours

It will then be palced on the agenda


As Cooper would say, "In your on comments all most all is not all":

From: "Cooper, Joy"
Subject: Re: Puppy Mills
Hi I cannot agree with your premise I have bought very healthy dogs from breeders and pet stores. I do support adoption but the reality you deal with daily is not everyone wants a dog that they do not know or who did or did not train then.
I have adopted a dog and it turned on my mother. My brother adopted a dog that also regretfully had a behavioral disorder he has also adopted a dog that did not...

I also do not agree with the tactics within some of these emails and the twisting of my lack of an out right ban as supporting mills. In your on comments all most all is not all.


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