Hallandale Commission to city manager: "You're (almost) fired!"
Hallandale Commission to city manager: "You're (almost) fired!"
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Hallandale Beach Moves a Step Closer to Terminating City Manager

Hallandale Beach has reached what appears to be an agreement in principle on the terms of City Manager Mike Good's dismissal. Juice has learned that Good recently responded to a letter by the city attorney that detailed the terms of Good's severance agreement.

In his letter Good said he wanted to make changes to the agreement "to protect the city as well as myself," but that he hoped to resolve those concerns before week's end. This evening, the Hallandale Beach Commission is to vote on suspending Good in advance of formalizing his dismissal.

Terms of the severance agreement are not yet available. Quotes from Good's critic-in-chief, Commissioner Keith London, after the jump.

Mike Good
Mike Good

Good has been under increasing pressure since the election of Commissioner Keith London, who has become Good's leading critic. But there wasn't momentum for firing Good until just recently, possibly due to Good's having hired a real estate agent as a city consultant when that same agent appears to have been profiting from the sale of private land to the city.

It didn't help that Good had already earned criticism for his exorbitant salary and a reputation for truancy.

"Mike Good brought this upon himself," said London. "He hasn't responded to his bosses -- I'm one of them. He hasn't responded to residents. He hasn't responded to the media."

Asked for his thoughts on the next city manager, London said: "I'm working for transparency in the hiring of the new city manager. We need to have a process in place that's transparent because that's been one of the downfalls of this city manager's administration."

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