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Memphis Will Excite

Why talk about the news or crime when the best days of the tournament are here. The first round is so great, all those games going on at once, with the scores and times going like stock tickers, the occasional gem (like VCU-Duke), the mini-dramas in routs (like Eastern Kentucky's 30-9 run against North Carolina). We take these First Rounds for granted, but they are the very best days of our lives.

Okay, maybe not. But it's sweet. My bracket yesterday was stunningly average, as I got 12 of the 16 games right (BYU, Gonzaga, Texas Tech, and, happily, Duke failed me). No Sweet 16 teams were plucked, thankfully. Oh and I tried that CBS Sportsline thing and unfortunately the streaming vid kept stopping to reload so often that it was basically useless to me. Could have been my laptop, though. I'll be trying again tonight during the Ky game -- and the audio worked really well, so that's a decent fallback. WFOR has a better lineup of games today, though I'm a bit disappointed that ARK-USC, which I think will be one of the great games of the day, isn't slated.

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